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5 Easy Tips for Really Cheap Travel Anywhere in The World

5 Easy Tips for Really Cheap Travel Anywhere in The World

Travelling tips

Why do most people don’t travel much?

Most people gave one reason as the core problem for them which refrains them from traveling. And that is “Money”.

It’s not time, nor mood. Its plain money that lets them choose not to travel.

We all love to see places. It’s not monotonous as there is something new right around the corner. Imagine a new waterpark just opened up in your city, wouldn’t it be just the best thing to go visit the place and see how awesome it is. Now take that thought and put the ‘world’ in place of ‘waterpark’. Your mind has been filled with thrill and excitement. The things you see, the people you will meet and the food you will eat. That is what drives us. I bet there is not one person on the earth who doesn’t like to travel. It’s merely the budget constraints that stop most of us.

Before I give you the tips on how to travel cheap, one question you need to ask yourself, do you want to be a full-time traveler or just once a while in places you badly want to visit. These tips help you both but a full-time traveler needs to be more dedicated. So without any further ado let’s start with the tips to travel cheap or how to travel with less money to spare.

  • Travel at the cheapest times –

Always travel offseason. Seasonal prices are expensive, sometimes 5times expensive. For example, to go to Goa the most expensive time of the year is from October – February and especially December.

  • Coupons and Coupons –

Know the deals in the place. Grab coupons and keep it in stock to purchase things. Subscribe to newsletters and offers, keep an eye out and strike when the time is right.

  • Be adaptive –

New place, new cultures, new people, new climate and new cuisines. Be adaptable. You don’t want to go to Hawaii and eat at McDonald’s and not their traditional dishes. Besides, it saves a lot of money. You can also cook your own meals.

  • Transportation –

Always use public transport, walking and hitchhike if necessary. Public transportation is not only cheap but also provides more insights on the people of the place you visit. Trust me, it can be life-changing.

  • Homestays, Hostels, and Hotels –

In descending order of importance, try to take up hostels or homestays for the cheapest and homelier experience. Hotels burn a hole in the pocket big time, whereas hostels provide more of a customary and home-like experience.

These few tips can save a lot. Enough savings for your next venture. So travel safe and travel smart. Enjoy the views and not worry about the finances.

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