Top 10 Highest Paying IT Certifications for 2018


People gravitate to update themselves by opting for trending courses and thus getting essential and advanced certifications done. We have combined them all to come up with a list comprising of the best highest paying IT certifications. You can certainly make use of this list and ensure you spend time, money and effort in getting the right certification!

Note*: The Idea of this information is to help you in deciding the important & updated certifications that are available in the market, and are most promising in terms of the salary structure. You can do further research and decide your course of action accordingly. Not forgetting to mention, we are there to help you out if you have any question related to this subject matter.

IT certifications

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Here goes the list!
1. Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT): The CGEIT is managed by the nonprofit group, ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Associations). Introduced in 2007, this certification is suitable for the people who advise, manage or provide assurance services around the enterprise IT governance. It covers the strategic management and the preliminary framework for governance. It is a computer-based examination which is offered two 16-windows per year (This year they are from February 1 to May 24 and June 1 to September 23) and CGEIT is one of the highest among the paying certifications this year.

The average earning is about $121,363 per year.

2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate: This certification is mainly designed to test your proficiency to design & deploy the systems on AWS. If you are well versed in architecting distributed systems in large-scale, then, this certification is for you! The exam is conducted at PSI centers over the United States and the exam lasts for 80 minutes.

The average earning is about $121,292 per year.

• Project Management Professional (PMP): Being created and managed by the Project Management Institute (PMI), it is the most recognized and third highest-paying certification. You should be able to make your move by cracking the test covering these 5 fields: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. However, prior to the certification, it demands -5 hours of training, 4,500 hours of Project management experience (if you possess a Bachelor’s degree), and 7,500 hours for the ones without a degree.

PMP is worth the certification as the PMPs current average earnings are about $114,473 per year.

• AWS Certified Developer-Associate: New addition for the list of 2018, this certification is prone to validate your technical experience to develop and maintain the application on AWS. You are tested based on the ability to choose for the right and proper AWS service apps, the required skill set and knowledge in code-level application security and efficient use of AWS SDKs. The exam follows the pattern consisting of multiple-answer and multiple choice questions lasting for 80 minutes.

The average earnings are $114,148 per year.

• Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP): If you are looking for the certification in system Engineering, auditing, analysis or any particular field that orbits among these fields, then, this is the right choice to transform to turn your profession into an outstanding career. The CISSPs take up the responsibility to determine the architecture, design, manage and control to confirm the security of the company. You are eligible for the certification if you have 5 years of experience in Information Security.

The average earning is $111,475 per year.

• Certified in Risk and Information System Control (CRISC): Introduced in 2010, CRISC is known to wrap the whole system, ranging from design to implementation, stretching to maintenance on the go. To obtain CRISC certification, you have to be a pro in these 4 areas: Identification, Assessment, Response and Mitigation and also covering Control Monitoring and Reporting. If you have pursued 3 years of experience in the field and if you are great at identifying and managing the risks, then, this certification is worth a shot wherein the exam lasts for 4 hours seeking answers for150 questions.

The average earnings are about $111,049 per year.

• Certified Information Security Manager (CISM): Introduced in 2002, the main focus of CISM is on information security management. As CISM, your work includes designing and engineering security protocols by managing the company’s security. You are provided with an access the world outside the IT business. You just have to answer 200 questions covering information risk management, information security governance, and incident management. To obtain the certification at least 5 years of experience in Information security necessary, wherein one must have 3 years of experience as security manager.

You can earn an average of $108,043 per year.

• Certified ScrumMaster (CSM): This certification mainly emphasizes on eliminating any external force that hinders the progress of the project. Scrum here indicates a form of management wherein the team members will have a meeting every morning to provide a quick review of the progress of the work being done to ensure the quality and productivity of the project. If you are thinking of getting certified, then, you need to know that the workshop lasts for 2 days, which is followed by an exam seeking answers to 24-35 questions.

The average earning is about $106,938 per year.

• Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH): This certification is created and managed by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). CEH is one of the top paying Certification and covers an abundant range of IT professionals, including auditors, security officers and the ones who are responsible for data security and network. Although the exam costs around $3,895, it is better reciprocated when you earn an average of $106,375 per year. Isn’t it?

The certification exam topic encompasses general background knowledge, analysis and assessment, tools/systems/programs used, procedures and methodology, security (in many forms), regulation/ policy, and ethics and more.

The average earning is about $106,375 per year.

• Six Sigma Green Belt: Well, the certification is surely not related to martial arts! As one of the green belts, it is your duty to lead your organization in IT improvement projects by utilizing your mind in the six sigma methodology. The idea of this certification is to work in analyzing the defects and developing the new processes to improve existing processes.

The average earnings are $104,099 per year.

Be successful in achieving something and the earnings will be at its peak naturally. The only way that leads to achievement is perseverance. If you are looking to improve yourself and your income, then, these certifications will definitely offer you with the updated and advanced skills and thus lead you to accomplish your goals.

Keep updated. Keep growing because that’s what makes you feel alive! Also, let us know in the comments if you think we missed an important IT Certification which has a higher growth potential and also more average earnings.

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