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Interview Etiquettes – or as Barney Stinson would say, “Suit Up!”

Interview Etiquettes – or as Barney Stinson would say, “Suit Up!”

Suit Up


Whether you’re a fresher or some professional, it’s always good to brush up your Interview Etiquettes before going for an interview. With the growing need of well-groomed and disciplined employees for a company, the fight for the next best employee is getting tedious and difficult each day.  Follow these tips on Interview Etiquette, in order to increase your chance of being selected for the job.

What to wear?

The saying goes ‘the first impression is the last impression’ make it last. The moment you walk in the interview room, the interviewer is going to judge you on the basis of your clothes, whether you’re serious about the job or not. One should always be informal while he/she is going for an interview. Shoes polished and fitted clothes are the way to go.

Know all ins and outs of the company.

Every interviewer expects you to know about their company including the history of the company. This shows your interest in the company. Company’s vision and mission and its past endeavors are the reasons it is in the place it is now. Knowing about the company is of the essence because you are going to be part of a family. Knowing the company history and its future prospects show dedication to the interviewer.

Body Language

You don’t barge in the interview room, do you? There are many subtle indications which interviewers pick up on as soon as you walk in the door. Your eye contact, gestures, tone, voice projection and subtle body movements give a lot more than you think. A firm handshake at the end is important as it shows confidence. Merry knowledge isn’t enough, be confident, polite and humble.

Never be late

Timing is everything. It’s one thing to say, the right thing at the right time and then to arrive late at your interview venue. Never be late, punctuality goes a long way, it shows discipline and dedication to perform in the hiring organization. The company would never want an employee who is late to work and seldom meets the deadline.

Send a ‘Thank You’ Note after your Interview

It’s necessary to acknowledge. The interviewer has spent some time with you and it’s important that you give him/her a ‘Thank you’ note in return at least, if not physically then through an email. It’s taken as a good sign and sense of courtesy is always. Even if you don’t get selected it’s an etiquette each and every one should follow.

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