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Disco – Moves of the Grooves

Disco – Moves of the Grooves

America was reuniting its people and assembling the government, over the years the unsteady and unorthodox administrative practices were obsolete. The United States of America looked forward to its people who were well versed and equipped with the knowledge and idea of how to close in to be a better democratic country. Under the leadership of Richard Nixon, USA seemed to go about a revolution like no other. The pop culture trend was catching up and then dawned the era of the Disco Culture.

The Disco wasn’t a new concept, over the past years many individuals have held such house parties and gatherings but no stagnant spot/venue was ever decided to do so. In the past, the nightclubs were being popularized for drinking and business gatherings. Where people from various backgrounds were adaptive and accepted the trend. Disco came as a gleaming example of fun and entertainment all across the globe eventually.

What is Disco?

It is a genre of dance music and electro music which had elements of salsa, pop, funk, and soul. In the early years of its inception, the early attendees were homosexuals, African Americans, Latinos and Italian Americans. Some psychedelic communities also caught up to the chase and accustomed themselves to the whole disco trend. Soon it started catching up and entered the mainstream.

Disco Dance Moves.

Like any contemporary or western dance, disco has its set of dance steps which differentiate it from the rest of the dance form.

The primary dance moves in disco dancing are as follows:

  1. The Retro Hustle.
  2. The Bus Stop.
  3. The Y.M.C.A.
  4. The Point Move.
  5. The Bump.

The Disco Influence.

Disco has influenced almost all countries and their music types. With groovy upbeat tunes and bass thumping EDM music, Disco has contributed majorly to the area of music industries across the globe. People jam and dance to good beats, without disco these new realms of music taste won’t have been possible and without disco, the generation wouldn’t have access to a whole new genre of musical taste. Discos have given rise to DJ’s or popularly known as Disk Jockey’s, without Discos, they won’t have existed. New job options and entertainment center for all. Disco has gravely influenced the dance and music industry. It has taken the entertainment industry up by manifolds.

In this Digital era where people are so busy and tiresome, dance and music is the only escape. Disco is yet another source of reviving yourself and relieve stress. Disco is not just a culture but a revolution.

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