Digital Marketing Tips : The Complete List (2018 Update)


Digital Marketing tips

If you want to see the best Digital Marketing Tips in one place, then you’ll LOVE this guide.

As physical environment goes virtual and as it narrows in with the introduction of new technology every day it’s of the essence that we are always kept updated. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and much more micro-blogging site have exploded on our faces and given us exposure to the world like never before. In this digital era, we as individuals are trusting devices and machines more than human beings. It has become easier to communicate, do transactions and validate information online. Hence Digital Marketing comes as a survivor.

A Digital Marketer knows the importance of data, generating leads and marketing a product online. It’s all raw data, fresh and real-time. If one doesn’t nurture it, it will be long gone and can be used by another who is more equipped and capable of handling such data. The Digital environment is sensitive and volatile, with constant trends and changes keeping up with the pace can be a hectic task. But never the less I will teach you a few tools and techniques to evade the problems and become a pro in no time.

Here are 5 tips and techniques to be a better Digital Marketer in 2018 –

Keep yourself Updated

As new market trends open up in the physical world, the online space is also constantly upgrading with new trends, topics and fresh content to nurture. Merrily downloading a few news apps and scrolling through your Facebook news-feed won’t suffice. Digital Marketers need to keep a market watch with various tools to enhance their SEO, SMM, and Content Marketing requirements.

Some websites which offer the updates you must be getting at all times are – – With regular updates and news clips related to digital media, this website is a goldmine of information. Just subscribing to their newsletter will give you so much knowledge that no other digital news can’t offer. I highly recommend that you look out this site. – Another great online news and updates provider. This website offers a plethora of digital marketing blog posts which cater to all the nooks and crannies of digital marketing. – With more than 1000 notes and articles, this website is an encyclopedia of knowledge and news updates. This is my personal favorite, do check it out.

High-Quality Content

Quality sells, originality is the key to make a foothold in the Digital atmosphere. High quality and content driven websites are the ones which generate traffic at a rapid rate. Here come the basic marketing strategies taught at all B-schools, i.e. competitive advantage. What do you have that the other doesn’t? The USP of your website/company which sets you out from the rest. A content-driven website needs no extra efforts.

Here are a few websites which can help you in researching for the next article – – Enter your keyword and get the requisite articles related to it. As simple as that. This website is your quick and hassle-free getaway to acquiring quality content. – Here one can freely scavenge through tips and tricks to content marketing and how to’s. An article pit-stop for all your digital needs.


Its necessary that the content you are marketing hits the audience and gets their attention. Curating the content and promotional techniques depends on understanding your niche. A well understood demography is half work done. Knowing a buyer’s persona is how one should approach the digital commerce. Without a clear picture the other aspects of marketing a product is useless.


As smartphones are in abundance it’s essential that a digital marketer explores the realms of this not so new invention. Smartphones are used more than desktops and a great way to showcase your products. Mobile applications (Android, iOS and Windows) offer a seamless experience and are sometimes coined better than using a bulky desktop or laptop. It’s up to the marketer on how he should come up with techniques to get his/her product out there without spamming the user. Revenue earned from app advertisements are growing constantly as smart marketers use innovative ways to show ads.

For example, in a gaming app where to revive your dead player you can view an ad for 20 seconds, or to get more ‘lives’ you can fill a survey. These are few of the many ways to honestly get more views and not spam a user.


I know you have heard them all but implementation is a pain in the ass at times. When I first started off it was difficult but I got my way around it.

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization is nothing but getting your page to show up in the first page of search engines for a specific keyword and as difficult as it sounds, it’s that easy.  Two words – QUALITY CONTENT. Just keep up with good content, content which mean something to the reader, traffic will follow.
  2. SMM – Social Media Marketing, is easy too, just search for any YouTube video on Facebook analytics and you will get an idea. It’s about the reach and the conversions. Promoting on Social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with graphical and text content.

Get out there and market your offering like a Pro. 

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