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Charity is not just giving money - Do good, Feel good

Charity isn’t just giving money. Do good, Feel good.


Charity doesn’t always mean giving away money; charity simply means welfare. And there are n no. of ways to do this. Either by giving voluntarily help e.g. providing things which are necessary, sharing your skills or talent with others. These which will help them to enhance theirs. In today’s world, we have seen many fraud cases done by reputable non-profit organizations. These make us reluctant to donate money to any of the organizations. Because of which we are not even supporting to those who really need our help. If you do not trust all these organizations it’s justified, but there are other ways to help those needy people.

Giving your time to them

Once in a week, one can visit an orphanage and take classes of what so ever topic or any subject. If that’s an issue then no worries, one can just go and play around with the kids, get to know them, just be humble and kind. There is no better currency than the time you have for someone else. Play around with the kids, listen to the elderly, understand the autistic and educate the poor, there is no better way to spend your spare time. And that’s not all, it provides mental peace as well.

Providing Essentials

Old clothes or even old dishes can be given for charity. Some people have even known to donate their lands and houses for making homestays and hostels for the needy. It’s the act that counts.

Encouraging others to do the same

Merrily sharing on social media sites isn’t advisable. It is always good to vocally explain and make people more aware of donating to charity. Charitable acts can be done by anyone anytime. Some are less aware of the current scenario and some are more into the whole understatement of a fraud charitable trust. But that’s not the case for people who trust you. If you believe in a particular charity, you can pass on the authenticity. Because people who trust you will take your word for it.

If trustworthy, then giving money

And finally, if you believe small organizations are doing well in small scale then we should encourage them and make them reach a greater height. This will mean that the non-profit organization can expand further and reach out to other cities and countries where you won’t be able to help people with your presence. Financial support always helps as it provides in purchasing essentials for the needy.

So how can you be of service ?

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