Canada Day: Happy 151st Anniversary, O Canada!

Happy Canada Day
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Here comes the National day of Canada and the spirit of festivities is in the air! This day is observed with a national holiday everywhere in Canada (This time, 2nd July, Monday, will be observed as a national holiday as Canada Day throughout Canada, except in Newfoundland, Labrador, and Nova Scotia).

Canada day is celebrated with high spirit & pride throughout the Canada and many outdoor events are conducted like- parade, firework display, live concerts, carnivals, air & maritime show & more.

Canada Day: An Overview

1st July marks the anniversary of the day when three separate colonies of North America united and formed a Dominion that was part of the British Empire. These three colonies were Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

On July 1, 1867, above mentioned three colonies decided to form a confederation- A self governing entity named as Canada under the British North America Act, 1867. However, Canada got complete freedom from England in the year 1982, with the incorporation of Canada Act and removal of legal dependence on the British Parliament.

Canada Day celebration is well known for its extraordinary & extensive firework display and the year’s biggest party in Canada. Under the Federal Holidays Act, 1st July is a statutory holiday throughout the Canada.

This year 1st July, 2018 will be celebrated as the 151st birthday of Canada.

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When is Canada Day Celebrated?
Canada Day is celebrated on 1st July in the glory of the formation of the confederation. Right! But, there is an exception!

If 1st July falls on Sunday, the country’s anniversary is celebrated on 2nd July.
This year, July 1st falls on Sunday and owing to this fact, 2nd July will be observed as a Canada Day.
It would be a long three-day weekend. You got it right!

How Canada Day is Celebrated?

Canada day is marked with major celebrations & country’s single, biggest party!
To celebrate the anniversary, many outdoor events are organized by various communities that includes Parades, Cultural displays, Carnivals, Air & Maritime Show, Firework display, and Live music concerts.

Among the celebrations by various communities throughout the country, Ottawa pulls huge attention from the crowd. Being the country’s capital, it hosts magnanimous celebration on Parliament Hill and it is attended by almost all important figures in Canada.

In this year’s celebration, it is expected that the Canada Prime minister, Justin Trudeau and the member of the royal family- Price of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will be attending the festivity in Ottawa.

If you’re among those who are looking forward to this day- Canada’s 151st Anniversary & gets into the festivity mood, we would suggest you to get ready & explore Canada in the right time & right way!

How do people celebrate Canada Day?

A day to rejoice & celebrate the spirit of Dominion!

Canada day is marked as a national holiday in all provinces & territories of Canada, where most of the businesses, government offices, stores, banks, offices, and schools are closed.

There is no particular one format that details how to observe Canada day. People celebrate the day in the love & the pride of their country. Many prefer to wear red & white attire, with Canada flag painted on face & other parts of the body. People proudly flaunt the national flag of Canada throughout the day. This festivity has definitely a patriotic tone in its own way. Pretty Cool, hmm?

Across the country, a wide range of events are organized that are mostly held outside. Many communities organize parades, live music concerts, barbeques, & other programs. With so many events, there is no dearth of activities for people to participate & dive into the true spirits of Canadians.

Canada Day: Major Event Highlights


Canada’s Capital, Ottawa, is known for its large scale celebration of Canada Day. It marks the celebration with special events, activities and spirit of the festivities. Plus, here you will find free concerts, firework display, and a huge gathering of people wearing red & white attire, dancing & singing with such a patriotic fervor & fun.

Do you want to check it out? Head to Parliament Hill in Ottawa and experience it all by your own! Since, it would be a long 3-day weekend and we want you to get into the right Canadian mood.

Read more details and plan out your weekend action.

Venue Details
• Parliament Hill: The political and cultural heart of the city, and the main site for Canada Day festivities.

• Major’s Hill Park: It is just a few minutes’ walk from Parliament Hill. Here the event highlights are family-friendly programs and performances.

• Canadian Museum of History: If you’re looking to attend live entertainment & music concerts, this is your perfect destination! Enjoy indoor and outdoor live entertainment at Canada’s most visited museums, just across the Ottawa River.

Special Performances
To celebrate the 151st anniversary, many special performances from Canadian artists will be held that includes Cirque du Soleil, Alessia Cara, Walk Off the Earth, Gordon Lightfoot and more, followed by a pyromusical fireworks display.

Check out the official event calendar here!

People from across the world are celebrating Canada Day!

While Canada is all set to celebrate the spirit of dominion, the Canada fans from across the world are not falling behind on Twitter to post their celebration pictures with trending hashtags: #CanadaDay, #CapitalPrideFestival, #prideMTL.

@Canada is featuring the best & most engaging post with their followers. Sounds Interesting! What say?

Here goes some of the celebratory posts!

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P.C: @Canada

How do you celebrate the Canada Day? Are you all set to flaunt the flag, wear red & white combination and get a face paint? We are so excited and want to know your side of the story. Do write to us and share the way you would celebrate the day along with some of your cool pictures. We would surely love to share each one of them with our readers!

The day has just begun! The spirit of festivity has just begun! We’re here to share all important updates with you related to Canada Day. Stay Tuned!


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