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Alcohol Effects - You Won’t Feel The Same Way After You Read This

Alcohol Effects – You Won’t Feel The Same Way After You Read This




Since man has enlisted its appearance on earth, he has redeemed quite a lot of its resources. Primarily for the rich nutrient content of food and beverages and minerals for a healthy living. In this process of discovery, a liquid has taken over the human race and added a sense of enjoyment for the whole population. It’s drinking alcohol we are talking about. The concoction which has 2 carbon atoms, 6 Hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom in its chemical formula (C2H6O) is no less than a miracle and has properties like no other substance in the world. Consumption of this so-called godly liquid gives the host a euphoric feeling. This adds a whole new dimension to how one views the world modifying the thought process manifold. Alcohol is responsible to create a satisfying effect on the brain and releases dopamine which gives us a sense of happiness and relaxation.

How does alcohol works?

As soon as alcohol enters the stomach your body starts to break it into its constituent particles. hence releasing certain enzymes (alcohol dehydrogenase). This results in absorbing the hydrogen from the alcohol resulting in dehydration and hangovers. Your body treats alcohol like an intruder. Guarding up all its defense mechanism and fighting.

How does it affect the body?

Here are the following ways alcohol affects the body: –

  • Contrary to popular belief, alcohol doesn’t “kill” brain cells, however, it does inhibit them.
  • It will not help you sleep better. You might pass out but then the hangover is worse.
  • It makes you aggressive and also makes other people look more intentional.
  • It affects the liver severely. Affecting the core filtration process by dehydrating the body.
  • Active drinking can lead to ulcers, internal bleeding and even cancer.
  • It leads to the lack of coordination and makes you woozy, that can result in losing the grip of reality and cause severe harm to you or the people around you.
  • It can lead to addiction as it helps in release dopamine (the happy hormone), other earthly pleasures can be overlooked because of alcohol’s secretion rate.

Alcohol is not beneficial for the body if taken in a large amount, however regulated drinking can be beneficial as it keeps the body active and brings up immunity. Though mind may find it fun for consumption, your body does not. The whole idea of ‘hangovers’ even after rigorous research is still not understood by science, which is bad. Passing out is extremely common. Alcohol poisoning is quite common, and more than ten types of cancer can happen due to excessive drinking.

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