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5 Indian Web Series that You Must Watch | Skoopify Media

5 Indian Web Series that You Must Watch

5 Indian Web Series that You Must Watch

Kya? Kya? Kya?, Nahi!!!!!! .. Phew! Tired of watching daily sagas of Saas-Bahu in the life-savior box (yes, I mean that Television box)? Well, I’m here to reveal a more interesting & entertaining way to use your leisure time. It is interesting, intriguing & popular. Guess, what it is? Yes, It is Web Series! So, if you’re looking for a relaxing & interesting weekend, stay tuned with us- Here goes a list of 5 Indian Web series to make your weekend a perfect one!

5 Indian Web Series that You Must Watch

P.C: Book My Show

1. Baked: The first Indian Web series is, Well, if you are looking for something out on top, then, Baked could be the one. The story revolves around 3 cool dudes from Delhi University who are planning to set up a business in order to earn some money. The story tracks the incidents and happenings in their lives, keeping it lively and engaging. The show is purely based on a perception right away targeting the “Snapchat” generation, totally a long leap from the “Stereotypic” Indian content. No wonder this Series has lakhs of viewers on YouTube as it does eliminate “being judgmental”. Worth a watch!

5 Indian Web Series that You Must Watch

P.C: Welfare Live

2. A.I.S.H.A My Virtual Girlfriend: Woah!  Wanna add some spice to your boring, pale daily routine? This Indian Web Series have got just the right thing for you! A.I.S.H.A is that one Sci-Fi and mysterious thriller Web Series, which is hardly imagined by the ones living on this planet! It is the story of a 26-year old spectacular app developer, Sam, who is in love with his Colleague, Kriti. His boss has made his life a piece of “hell” by pressurizing him with constant bulk work. Both his personal and professional life being unsteady, Sam puts all his ideas and effort in creating a true artificial intelligence program, an autonomous virtual assistant and names her as “Aisha”. And he is all set to prove his intelligence to the whole world and that’s when things get out of control and Aisha is madly in love with Sam! Interesting, huh? Right away on your “must watch” list then!

5 Indian Web Series that You Must Watch

3. Girl in the city: Ah, if you too are “one of those” who are damn curious to watch the last part first and then watch from the beginning, then, I have some “Dessert” served first only for you by mentioning this Indian web series! Meera is in the office carrying a pile of stolen clothes which has to be returned. As the launch of Summer 2016 collection is about to happen, everyone is busy and the meeting is going to happen in Rohan’s conference room in a while. Meera steps into the ongoing meeting and tells Rohan that in this big city she realized one thing, that one has to take their own call in order to mark their identity. She has a lump in her throat and she says she will make it big and she is off the office. Rohan opens Meera’s Facebook page and continues the meeting. Will she be able to make it big in this not-so-good world of Mumbai? Try watching this Indian web series to overcome your curiosity!

5 Indian Web Series that You Must Watch


4. Man’s world: Here’s one Indian web series which uplifts the issues such as gender inequality, sexism, gender prejudice everywhere. Tired of the debates on “treat women equal”, “Feminism”, one day, a man asks God to flip the ends, Women “face” the dangers that men face and men “enjoy” their safety. And the God agrees to the prayer! After waking up the next morning, our hero is surprised to see his dad cooking and his Mother and sister making fun of the food and it continues. This Indian web series is a must watch as it is humorous accompanied by a strong message to end gender discrimination and gender prejudice.

5 Indian Web Series that You Must Watch

P.C: Cinepopz

5. TVF Tripling: I bet you have “Goa is on” group created by your F.R.I.E.N.D.S! I wonder if anybody ever thought of planning a trip to Goa with the siblings? Woah, Tripling has it all. The story takes a turn when the 3 siblings plan for a trip to Goa. Wrapping the struggles and problems faced in their personal lives and also enjoying the happiest #siblingmoments in a road trip, Tripling surely sets some standard #siblinggoals though!

The idea is to make your time “worth watching”. These Web Series are the ones you can count on when boredom strikes you hard! These are from my favorite, curated web series list! Make sure to watch them and tell me how do you like them? Pick your favorite one and pre-download the episodes to kick-start your weekend! Happy weekend!
So, before you switch on your laptop, share this list for some good karma.


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